Monday, August 30, 2010

Privacy Plus Ranked #47 of Paid iPad apps in Social Networking

Thanks to users like "snapdragon642" for making us #47 -

Privacy & Night Browsing all in one Browser - ★★★★★
by snapdragon642 - Version 1.3 - 27 August 2010
Loved the unlimted tabs. Ad blocking works great. Browser works just as described.

Privacy Plus is a streamlined version focused only on user privacy.  All the functions that make Privacy Plus v1.3 ($0.99 USD) successful are also included in the full version of Aarde Web Browser v1.3 (currently $1.99 USD).  New potential customers should keep an eye out for the lite version (FREE) being release Thursday 9/2/10 to make it easier to decide if you want Privacy Plus or Full Aarde Web Browser.

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  1. Now ranked in Social Networking Top 100 in 11 countries!!!