Monday, August 30, 2010

Post Feature Requests Here

Post your requests and we will make every effort to put them in our queue...


  1. Great Suggestion - definitely high on our list as well to add ways to sync bookmarks. Best solution we currently have is to use Google Bookmarks between browsers - you can download all Google Bookmarks in Aarde Web Browser and quickly add bookmark using our Google Bookmark quick link.

  2. Here's a Google Bookmark being added in Aarde Web Browser -

  3. Hi first I need to say that what drove me to Aarde in the first place is the brightness control. Browsing at night without it is a real pain so thanks for that.
    This being said I prefer to have only one browser over switching from icab to aarde each night, so here is my wish list :)

    I think this is going to be somehow long so I hope you dont mind...

    First what I like
    . The transparent keyboard
    . The notepad (great idea)
    . The brightness control (much needed)

    Feature request

    . Free vs paid: maybe it is me but I have not found anything explaining the difference between the paid and the free version

    . Too many navigation, i.e to delete a tab or add a new one there shouldn't be a need to go to the menu just add a small x on each tab
    and a + at the end

    . To many navigation: why not integrate the search in page inside the
    search toolbar ?

    . Possibility to hide the tabs: I know tabs are a feature for most but the space on the ipad is just too precious, I d love to be able to
    hide the tabs and switch using a screen like the one of safari/icab

    . Improved speed: Browsing felt a bit slower on Aarde then icab mobile

    Low priority for me

    . Full screen mode
    . Spell checker
    . Use of multitouch to switch from a tab to another


  4. We appreciate the feedback and agree that we should have a chart showing difference of paid vs free app (we will post chart Tuesday). As far as navigation it is on our development plan to add enhancements you described but next version 1.4 of paid app (due to release by Apple in roughly a week or less) will include gestures that will solve the navigation (at least add an option until x and + added). We will post a photo to better show the gestures but they are configurable with toggle of full screen, hyperscrolling, tab open/close/switch/back/forward/etc.

    We also improved browsing loading, options, and have added the search toolbar to the v1.5 release to clean the UI. Options for history and Web of Trust are also in the v1.4 release of the full paid version. We will make an update to the free version but won't have the new features such as full screen, gestures, WOT - just UI improvements.


    Aarde support team

  5. Thanks aarde,
    google bookmarks work ok, or decent enuff. i first had to learn that google bookmarks are not the same as chrome bookmarks.

    but seeing you support google bookmarks, i first exported my chrome bookmarks, then imported them into firefox to use the little toolbar thingie to import them into chrome bookmarks. now, i have my bookmarks available in Aarde and life is good. until the bookmarks become outdated, which happens quickly.

    support for xmarks or chrome bookmarks is only way i see to take a manual several step process and turn it into a no step process.

    great app, gave 4 stars, use it almost every night in bed before getting sleepy :)

    brightness control and automatic bookmark sync is the prefect combination i'm looking for in casual browsing app :)

  6. Thanks Brian. We'll post when chrome sync is available. V1.4 should arrive next week with full screen, configurable gestures, history, iPad email support and Web of Trust. V1.5 will release in 2-3 weeks including the ability to post images (or links to images) in any post, blog, etc directly from the browser. Thanks for the rating!!

  7. hi - not a "feature request" but more of a bug report: some web sites have hyperlinks that default to open in a new window/tab (example: when i press and hold the hyperlink, then choose "open in a new tab," a tab opens up which remains empty/unresponsive. if I just tap the hyperlink, it opens in a new tab just fine. i like to use the "new tab" feature very selectively, so it would be nice if this command reacted more predictably.

    overall though, I reeeeeally like this browser. thank you!

  8. Thanks for the feedback CMT. Download the v1.6 update for free and it should solve your problems. We noticed some site design that would cause the links not to open in new tabs properly but the latest update corrects the issues by supporting more code. I like using open into background tab to let the site open in a new tab first before I switch over.

  9. Can you explain how to control brightness?
    I bought the app, but I don't see that feature.

  10. Willem - Control for Brightness is found at the top of the "content settings" menu or the opening screen if you select to show the welcome screen at startup. Basically, tap the green option button on the left of tabs, select content settings and adjust the slider to control brightness. If you want the brightness to remain the same on start of the browser then set the slider the same under user settings otherwise the change remains until you close the browser. Send us an email from the browser help in settings or directly at and we can describe in more detail.

  11. When the browser was crashing , my iPad was jail broken. I restored it back to normal settings, and the browser is working fine now.

  12. With the gestures, please include some kind of indication that the gesture has been effective. Sometimes I do a gesture and I don't now if it has been effective, and then I do the same gesture again only to find out that the first gesture worked - and now I have done the same gesture twice. Not a big deal though.

    Also, please include the ability to download files. If you do implement this feature in the future, then please also include iTunes sharing with it.

    I have also noticed that I am not able to zoom in as much as I would be able to zoom in with safari.

    Love this browser though.

  13. Can you add password protection?

  14. You guys have not responded. Have you given up on the app? Let me know so i don't waste my time

  15. Thank you for a great browser. However please do the following improvements:
    - Please simplify the use of tabs. Look at "Perfect Browser" for a good example.
    - Also please look at "Mercury" browser for how to intgrate bookmarks in folder in a tool bar above the browser.

  16. Hi is it possible to disable the navigation. We need to be able to lock down the browser in to one website.
    Can you add this feature?

  17. please make the tabs function like Mercury Browser App. So that we can close a tab just by clicking x.

  18. When blogging, I switch over to a bluetooth keyboard to make text entry go faster. I was very disappointed to see that the built-in notepad is unaware that a bluetooth keyboard is in use. The notepad shifts toward the top of the page when it receives focus, and the area where the virutal keyboard would be placed if I were using it is just blank.

    To write an entire article, I would also like the option of being able to use a larger notepad by either making the notepad area resizeable, or by putting it in a tab beside one of the web page tabs, so the notepad would be using the full client area.

  19. I really like being able to use textexpander in the Aarde Notepad. The addition of Cut and clear buttons would really speed up form entry of single item entries in forms. E.g. I enter my snippet in the notepad, tap cut, which would cut the whole entry by default (clearing the space for the next snippet) and paste in the field.

  20. I can't enter a page with password protection.
    For exemple, i have an ip camera and i enter the page with any browser, except aard.

    Do you know when the x on thetabs will be implemented? I don't like the gestures.
    Thanks and congratulations on the best web browser for ipad.