Monday, August 30, 2010

Ability to Save Notepads

Review Posted on App Store:

UnstAble - ★★
by Ajooba1982 - Version 1.3 - 29 August 2010
Very unstable. Especially from switching orientation. If you are using the notepad and you exit out, the note doesn't remain in the app once you come back. Just use it for a while you will see what i mean.

8/30/10 - Can't replicate the issue on any other iPad - continue testing to try replicating.

8/30/10 - Difficult to solve without being able to replicate.   Also no crash reports have appeared from Apple yet so not sure where the user is having issue.  The design for version 1.3 is that if Privacy is turned on in settings or user chooses to not restore tabs - then the notepad tabs should also be erased.  We could offer the ability to save tabs but choose an initial design that if the webpages are not restored, then the notepad tabs should also be erased from the database.  Notes are automatically stored within the Browser's database as data is entered to make use easier.    If  Ajooba1982 reads this - please respond in this post or via email directly at so we can replicate and resolve the issue.

 Do users want the ability to save beyond the restore option already available?   

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